Soap is something we use everyday… or at least something we hopefully use everyday! But how much thought do you really give to that slippery little bar you use to cleanse yourself? After all, it is just soap, and showers and baths are just showers and baths, right… wrong!

At Canopy we see shower and bath time as essential “me” time and take our soap very seriously. That is why we carry the absolutely delectable Luxo Banho bar. Luxo Banho’s famously creamy soap base should be the standard for which all soaps are based. It features a classic, clean scent and is sure to give you the urge to bathe more often.

Or if you are feeling a little saucy, you might care to pick up a bar of our “Save Water: Shower with a Friend” soap. Not only does this soap remind you that showing with a friend is economical, environmentally friendly and fun, but it is also made with organic aloe vera juice and promises to leave you and your friend’s skin silky smooth!

The fun does not stop there. Stop by Canopy to see some of the other bath time offerings we have stocked for your bathing pleasure.