Candles, Scents & Diffusers

Whether you realize it or not, smell has the power to subconsciously shape your perception and opinion of just about anything.

For example, say all your friends are ranting and raving about a new Creole restaurant in town. Everyone says it has the best Étouffée they ever had! So you decide to give the eatery a try over the weekend. You leave home that evening with a gigantic appetite, you are starving and anticipating a delicious meal. Then you enter this establishment for the first time and your first impression of the highly acclaimed restaurant is characterized by the overwhelming aroma of sour, fishy Crawfish. Suddenly that monstrous appetite has faded.

This is the power of smell. Smell is linked to everything. Smell can be sensual and arousing or downright pungent and putrid. Smell can lift your spirits or make you miserable.

Here at Canopy, we take smells seriously. That’s why we carry an extensive line of things that smell wonderful. Our candles, scents and diffusers can lighten the mood in any situation. Whether you had a rough day at work, a stressful evening with the children or you just need that little something extra to help set the mood with a special someone, our soothing scents will help you get to that place you want to be.

Canopy is proud to feature great products from quality vendors including Trapp and Archipelago. Trapp knows that it is all about fragrance. Their extensive collection of reed diffusers, poured candles and home fragrance mists make a great addition to any room. Archipelago’s lineup is no less impressive. Their natural soy candles, natural fragrance, bath and body products, and scented diffusers make any house a home.

So please come by Canopy anytime and have a look at our great scented products. They make the perfect gift for any situation and are an exceptional personal treat for yourself.