Canopy offers a wide collection of jewelry from great vendors like Waxing Poetic, Dogeared and Maximal Art’s John Wind Collection. Each of these collections offers something a little different from the other but each is equally special and beautiful!

Our Waxing Poetic collection is for the wild child in us all. This special jewelry is coy and saucy and perfect for spicing up any outfit or expressing just a little bit more attitude to go with your outgoing style and charm that is on display every day!

The Dogeared collection is perfect for the young lady who is looking for something classic, simplistic and beautiful, but not necessarily something she might find in her mother’s jewelry box. The Dogeared line is delicate, versatile and magical, featuring pieces perfect for nearly every occasion.

The John Wind collection is simply timeless. This vintage inspired, uplifting collection can brighten any day and make any special occasion that much more special. All of the pieces from the John Wind collection are hand assembled in the USA.

Stop by today to see all the special pieces we have featured.